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GOBO LED 20 - Indoor Gobo Projector


GoboLED 20 is a compact surface mount wall or ceiling gobo projector well suited to indoor applications ranging from retail and hospitality settings to nightclub and entertainment venues. Fabricated from precision-machined and extruded aluminum components, GoboLED 20 accommodates E-Size glass or metal gobos for waymarking, guidance, branding, or other applications where visual messaging may change over time. The standard lens delivers a narrow 10° beam with options for lenses in wider beam widths. Size and focus adjustments are possible through the fine threading on the lens barrel which can then be securely locked into position. The GoboLED 20 allows for manual rotation of the body to align the image after the gobo has been installed. Standard finishes are black or white. LED driver is remote. Glass or metal E-size gobos in standard or custom patterns ordered separately. Logo must be provided in vector format (.EPS, .AI, or .SVG).

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