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Compatible with Baldur LED light line system

Nordeon has developed a range of updated Skadi LED spots for the Baldur system. This particular product is the ECO version of the original Skadi design. The ECO offers a limited number of options, offered at attractive price points. The product consists of modules (2ft) with either 1 or 2 LED spots mounted on it. Similar to the Baldur light units, these modules fit perfectly in the trunking part of the Baldur system. So easy that even the store owner could change these modules himself without having to call an electrician. This high-quality spot range is designed in Germany and made in South Carolina for the US market.

Key features of the Skadi ECO LED spots:

Attractive design:
- Our spots are designed in the same style as the Baldur system, making it a complete system with both general and accent lighting all in the same design style
- The LED driver is hidden inside the trunk of the Baldur system, making the design more smooth without the bulky ballast attached to the spot


Short payback time:
- Nordeon uses the best electronics components available in the market, resulting in a spot with very high efficacy (>100lm/W)
- The ease of installation is unique, all you have to do is click the module into the trunk and the system is ready
- Long lifetime results in low maintenance costs

- The Skadi ECO spots are offered in three different colors to match the color of the Baldur trunk, (White, Black, and Silver)
- Different beam angles and lumen packages are offered to have the best option available for every situation (NB, MB, WB)

- The system allows customers to change the layout of their store because of the easy mounting system

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