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              NORDEON BALDUR


Mrs Green's in West Village is equipped with the latest version of our Nordeon LED Baldur trunking system. The sustainable character was a perfect match with the very efficient Baldur linear system. The clear and unobtrusive look of the system convinced the lighting designer and customer to work with Nordeon on this project. At the store on Hudson Street in West Village NYC, the Baldur trunking system with 3500K, batwing optic and white finish was chosen for a perfect light layout in the store.

About Mrs Green's

Mrs. Green’s Natural Market is a neighborhood store, passionately committed to clean, natural foods. Dedicated to health and sustainability. Devoted to customers who care deeply about the foods they eat. From the way we source fresh, locally grown products and champion recycling and sustainability efforts. To our commitment to providing the absolute best, most natural products possible and clean, healthy food that’s preservative free. From our neighborly attitude to our absolute unwavering goal of being the best source for the freshest, organic produce around. We believe in taking care of the Earth. We source the best local products whenever available — from your favorite groceries to produce and baked goods, we support local. We pledge to source the best organic produce available from growers we know and trust – and we guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. We work with local artisans to create hand crafted selections that are unique, delicious and Good for you!

About Nordeon USA

​​Nordeon USA offers products that are developed in Germany and made or assembled in the USA. Our products are distributed from our manufacturing facility in Gaffney, South Carolina. The Nordeon USA facility is the location for both Nordeon and HessAmerica for adapting and manufacturing products for the US market. Nordeon USA maintains a large inventory to meet US standards and lead-times. Our staff in South Carolina is experienced in the domestic market and ready to assist in any way. Independent sales representatives are located in local markets to serve our customers in the best way possible. The Nordeon facility in Springe, Germany, is a former AEG and Philips luminaires development and manufacturing site. It is one of Europe's largest manufacturing sites of professional LED based luminaires for retail, industry and outdoor markets. Since the divestment from Philips, the Nordeon Springe site has undergone a significant transformation resulting from a comprehensive change and investment program that is running. This program hinges on 4 key building blocks: further strengthening and automating the manufacturing base, expanding the development and engineering team, developing and manufacturing new Nordeon products and further developing Nordeon's commercial organisation. Nordeon Chalon is a former Philips lamps manufacturing site. As a former Philips site in France, Nordeon lamps has broad experience in the manufacturing of standard and specialty linear fluorescent lighting. The branch in Dijon rounds off our range of services. The site is specialized in packaging, logistics and customer services.

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