Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications


Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications

An Introduction to Nordeon

Nordeon is a new innovative lighting company with over 60 years of experience in lighting. Nordeon was founded in October of 2012 with the acquisition of Philips' professional luminaire manufacturing and development site in Springe, Germany. Shortly after this, the Nordeon Group was started (www.nordeon-group.com). A lighting group of independent operating brands that each fulfill a certain segment in the lighting market. Nordeon is one of seven brands that are currently part of the Nordeon Group.

Nordeon USA offers products that are developed in Germany or Spain and made or assembled in the USA. Our products are distributed from our manufacturing facility in South Carolina.

The Nordeon USA facility is the location for both Nordeon and HessAmerica for adapting and manufacturing products for the US market. Nordeon USA maintains a large inventory to meet US standards and lead-times. Our staff in South Carolina is experienced in the domestic market and ready to assist in any way. Independent sales representatives are located in local markets to serve our customers in the best way possible.

The Nordeon facility in Springe, Germany, is a former AEG and Philips luminaires development and manufacturing site. It is one of Europe's largest manufacturing sites of professional LED based luminaires for retail, industry and outdoor markets. Since the divestment from Philips, the Nordeon Springe site has undergone a significant transformation resulting from a comprehensive change and investment program that is running. This program hinges on 4 key building blocks: further strengthening and automating the manufacturing base, expanding the development and engineering team, developing and manufacturing new Nordeon products and further developing Nordeon's commercial organisation.

In December 2016, the Nordeon Group acquired Schmitz Lighting, an architectural indoor brand for office, retail and hospitality applications. Founded in 1932, Schmitz has a rich history and legacy in providing technologically superior design and custom lighting solutions for customers. It is a brand highly regarded by lighting designers and specifiers across the globe, well known for its premium design, high performance fixtures. Schmitz Lighting products are now offered under the Nordeon USA indoor platform and may be found on this website.

Also in December 2016, the Nordeon Group acquired LAMP Lighting, an architectural brand for retail, hospitality and infrastructure applications. Founded in 1972 in Terrassa (Spain), LAMP Lighting is a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in working on projects internationally. It is a brand highly regarded by lighting designers across the globe, even more so because of the famous LAMP Lighting Awards they conduct every year. The event attracts more than 500 lighting designers to Barcelona from all over the world. LAMP Lighting products are now also offered under the Nordeon USA indoor platform and may be found on this website.

The Nordeon USA brand now offers products from all these brands with European heritage: Nordeon, Schmitz, WILA and LAMP Lighting. Products from all four brands can be found on this website.

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This makes that Nordeon combines the energy and speed of a newcomer with over 60 years of experience in the lighting industry. Nordeon has almost 700 highly skilled people in Europe to serve customers in their lighting needs.

Nordeon is furthermore investing significantly in further building technical and commercial capabilities to develop a proposition in marketing and selling linear fluorescent lamps into its key markets: industrial, retail and office. Nordeon is able to offer high quality lighting products, with short, flexible delivery times.

Nordeon's mission is to reduce total cost of ownership and increase the lighting experience. This is achieved by accelerating the penetration of LED in Europe in order to achieve large energy savings for our customer and contribute to a sustainable planet. We do this by rethinking the way lighting products are developed, produced, and sold, also for the current lighting products that our customers have installed, like TL lamps.

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