Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications


Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications

Vulkan Outdoor Luminaire

The new NORDEON VULKAN LED luminaire is designed for the use of LEDs and combines robustness and strength with timeless, unobtrusive style. The combination of the latest technology in a flat housing was combined with a flexible and robust mast connection. However, not only aesthetic aspects were considered in the development, but also one puts emphasis on effectiveness and flexibility.

This easy to install fixture will last over 100,000 hours (L80B10) and is typically used for area and road lighting.

Efficient technology

Newest technology means efficiency as well, but only if the technology is inserted effectively. The Vulkan housing is made of die-cast aluminium, which is used as a heat sink to provide an optimized cooling and efficiency operation of the modular LED unit. These high efficient LED modules consist of an aluminum-core circuit board, which is equipped with 16 high-power LED's (per module 135 lm/W). Combined with high efficient optics and protected by safety glass, it reaches a system efficiency up to 119lm/W. As this allows a reduction of the numbers of light poles, typical payback time of the investment is less than four years.

Multifunctional and flexible

The combination of the different optics with variant luminous flux packages, provides huge freedom by planning and using the Nordeon Vulkan. Individual lens optics, provide the optimized illumination of main roads, thoroughfares, residential streets, crosswalks, parking areas such as bicycle and pedestrian paths. The additional variety of the amount of LED modules in combination with different currents allows a multifunctional application, to fulfill the different illumination situations in the cities.

Easy to install

The Vulkan is very easy to install as pole-top as side-entry fixture, without additional accessories or longsome modification. In addition, the preinstalled cable makes the local installation much more easier and faster. The integrated tilt adjustment, offers the possibility to adjust the luminaire in 5 degree steps and adapt it to local requirements.

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