Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications


Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications

Transparency - Pendant LED Panel

Illusion of zero gravity
The pendant LED luminaire Transparency seems to be made of two states: when off there is just a 2/3" visible slim frame and a transparent panel; turned on it becomes a light statement in the room: minimalist and clear-cut. 

Save 50% costs - One Luminaire for Two Workstations

The wide-angle distribution of the portion of direct light ensures even, standard-compliant illumination of two parallel workstations. This cuts initial operating and installation costs in half. Furthermore, by reducing the number of luminaires by 50% the luminaires become even more unobtrusive. 

Precise Lighting Technology with High Visual Comfort

The powerful light emitted by the two lateral LED modules either 3000 K or 4000 K is directed into the transparent panel with minimal losses. The built-in Light Control Structure (LCS) refracts the light at precisely precalculated points directing it into the room with no glare. This permits any arrangement of the luminaire, regardless of the orientation, while still complying with glare-limitation standards < 3000 cd/m2. A luminaire that truly allows for flexible lighting design. An absolutely homogeneous illumination of the luminaire without any undesirable bright or dark zones results in a perfect appearance in use. 

Pure Architecture

The transparent nature of the material allows the creation of a light and transparent architecture. Since the luminaire does not superimpose the language of architecture, interiors retain their originally planned autonomy. When switched on, the luminaire allows spaces to be deliberately re-interpreted. Transparency has received prestigious awards for its unique design language and innovation. 

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