Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications


Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications

Baldur Double

Designed to Adapt
Since 1974 high quality light line systems are developed and produced very successfully in Springe, Germany. It started with AEG branded Gealux and was succeeded by a second generation light line system that was developed during the Philips ownership and is currently one of the most widely sold light line systems ever. Under Nordeon, Baldur follows this tradition and creates a new benchmark for LED light line systems.

Baldur Double is specifically designed for additional flexibility. Now you can combine multiple optics into one single fixture. Imagine for example a batwing solution combined with the wallwash optic. Or simply double your output to up to 12,000lm per 4' section. Finally, the Baldur Double can be swiveled at 15° intervals to find the optimal beam angle.

The Baldur Double always needs to be combined with the Baldur trunking system for the installation. 

Baldur - Attractive design style for general and spot lighting

  • Stylish design with minimized dimensions, cross-section area is only 25% of conventional trunking systems
  • Aesthetic fit between the trunking rail and the spots due to balanced dimensions, LED drivers, even for spots, are hidden inside the rail
  • One elegant trunking system providing electrical and mechanical infrastructure for general and accent lighting


Perfect Flexibility

  • Seven different optics available for the ideal solution for every situation
  • Applicable in multiple segments: Commercial areas, Retail, Industry and Warehousing
  • The Nordeon ClickFast system allows easy installation of the light unit and trunk unit
  • Possibility to combine general and accent lighting with our Skadi and Skadi ECO LED Spots
  • Our unit with track rail allows integration of almost any track spots

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