Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications


Unique Lighting Solutions

for Retail and Indoor Architectural Applications

Nordeon USA

Nordeon USA is a manufacturer of high-quality indoor luminaires with European design for retail, hospitality, and architectural applications. Solution oriented products include Baldur, Skadi, and Skadi ECO spots for front-of-house applications to Viking and Viking HO Vaportight luminaires and economical high-bays for warehousing and industrial applications.

Lamp Lighting

Delivering the language of lighting to hospitality, retail, and commercial interiors through functional and relevant solutions which enhance the space with beauty and order.


SCHMITZ | WILA combines functional design and clean aesthetics with precise and efficient lighting technology. Our award-winning products are the perfect tools to providing deliberate focus on individual architectural features or for creating sophisticated indoor lighting concepts. Quality, design, and the application of progressive lighting technology elevates SCHMITZ | WILA products as a growing market leader in interior lighting.

Pantheon Lighting

Fast growing supplier of outdoor lighting products for budget sensitive commercial outdoor and area lighting applications and projects. The rapidly expanding line will grow to include pole mounted luminaires, wall packs, illuminating bollards, as well as poles and mounting brackets.

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